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Public Affairs

Moore Asociados has a proven track record in public and government relations working under pressure in critical contexts. Public affairs cover all our core competencies from crisis and issues management, to media relations, stakeholder relations and change management, and monitoring and risk forecasting.

To deliver public affairs solutions Moore Asociados begins by understanding and researching issues, establishing who has ownership of them and who the key players are. We then devise a strategy to map the allies, real and potential opponents and develop appropriate messages and actions plans to engage. See projects.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

CSR demonstrates a clear, measurable and value added link between business benefits and benefits for society.

Through pro-active integration into a broader business strategy, corporate engagement in CSR should be part of an on-going improvement process to re-engineer business goals, and manage reputation through public recognition and visibility.

Business can positively contribute to society by engaging with clients and business partners, to reduce impacts on people, communities and the environment.

Establishing good relations and building common ground with people and communities associated with your business is not only good governance, it can enhance and protect reputations, and shield in a crisis.

Moore Asociados has an international track-record implementing CSR programs. See projects.

Crisis and Issues Management

Crises have different time-scales. They can be quickly solved one-off events, cyclical activity lasting weeks or months, or structural phenomena lasting years. The one-off model of anticipating crisis is being replaced by perpetual crisis and rupture.

Although certain traditional crisis management measures and contingency plans remain valid, the challenge is to combine advanced preparedness, emergency response and mitigation with a change of mind-set.Moore Asociados has a proven track-record monitoring and managing crisis in turbulent environments.

Because the crises we now face are unconventional answers based on past experience are only partially relevant. Models used to handle crisis based on rules, checklists and reference manuals may also no longer be contextually valid.

Moore Asociados can advise you on how to prepare and act to safeguard business continuity, corporate image and reputation. See projects.

Media Relations

Building long-term constructive relations with the media is important if you want a fair hearing, not only for day-to-day media relations, but especially for clients wanting to establish rapport to protect or enhance their reputation. See projects.

Stakeholder Relations & Change Management

Forging relationships with internal and external stakeholders is central to all corporate communications work, be it for corporate social responsibility initiatives, community relations or crisis communications.

Moore Asociados can profile the audiences you need to develop positioning on relevant issues and put in place plans to reach them in a motivating way. We have implemented outreach programs for international companies to engage stakeholder opinion across social class and ethnic group, in both far away locations and close to centres of operation.

Change is a complex and ongoing process and must be adequately communicated internally and to external stakeholders and partners.Moore Asociados uses a tried and tested method for change in complex systems that establishes common ground, is participatory, keeps conflict low and delivers a rapid turnaround in action plans and implementation.

We have used this method for change in affordable housing in Spain, working in local authorities to promote production initiatives, partnering in the refurbishment of housing estates, creating common ground to introduce consumer protection legislation, Amazon Indian eco-tourism initiatives and projects to refurbish and build new schools in developing countries. We have worked with international companies, local and national governments in such initiatives. See projects.

Monitoring and Risk Forecasting

One of the most valuable commodities in today’s international business environment is learning how to process up-to-date knowledge and information. We work hand-in-hand with clients to identify issues of concern, track these and issue recommendations.

Moore Asociados’ issues monitoring and risk forecasting enabled our international clients operating overseas to monitor events in critical and volatile environments. We are also consulted on critical issues in emerging markets by leading international newspapers, business publications and think-tanks. Our foresight made it possible for an international company to evacuate its staff well ahead of its peers on the eve of a major crisis.

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