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Working in new markets overseas, particularly in Latin America, has been facilitated byMoore Asociados. Their contribution has been invaluable and we have no hesitation in recommending them to other organisations. Integrity is hard to find in this field of communications, but here we found it.

Vincina Mellor
Company Secretary
Reddin & Co
Building Surveyors and Corporate Building Engineers

Trade & Investment Promotion

We are working with a trade and investment group for the promotion of trade and investment in Latin America.

UK Trade missions

We have undertaken international markets research in the following countries with Reddin & Co and the Association of Building Engineers (ABE):

  • Spain 2005
  • Chile and Bolivia 2004
  • Brazil 2003

Moore Asociados has participated in trade missions to Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Peru and other Latin American countries.

UK Stand at EU Trade Fair

When the EU staged a trade fair in Latin America we helped design the UK pavilion, exhibition floor plan and stands.

Trade Fair for Alternative Development Products

When an US NGO involved in promoting fair trade products approach us for ideas in setting up a trade fair stand we recreated an Indian market with a cobbled stone floor, coloured market stall canopies and rustic boxes and baskets to display coffee, bananas, honey, chocolate, natural dyes and herbs and dried fruit.

1   Fair trade products
     on display
2   Recreated ethnic
     marketplace in
     exhibition hall

Investment promotion

Our foray into public relations started in 1994 when we were approached by the World Bank to setup and manage an international communications program for a novel privatisation scheme that brought in over US$4bn in investment.

Andean Silver Investor Tour

Moore Asociados help organize a tour by analysts from leading US and European investment banks invited to visit the mine and learn about the project.

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